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Blessed King-Martyr Harold and the 14,000 with him at Hastings, +1066

Today, we remember the martyrdom of Blessed King-Martyr Harold II of England and the 14,000 pious Orthodox soldiers who fought with him for the love of their country and the faith of their fathers. Not fearing the excommunication of a false pope or the wrath of William the Bastard, these faithful sons of the Orthodox Church gave their lives for the love of Jesus Christ, Who, we pray, give them rest in His blessed company of holy martyrs, and grant that they may ever intercede for our salvation and the return of their homeland to the true faith.

The following link is from an old blog of mine. It has more information, pictures, and links. At some point, I will revise the information therein, because I know more details now. But, it is a good introduction.

St. Edward, King and Martyr

st-edward2.jpgsts_edward.jpgstedwardmartyr.jpgst_edward_with_scenes.jpgedwardshrine.jpgedwardicon.jpga-edward2.jpgsaint_edward.jpgst-edward.jpgAs you can see, in honor of the Sunday of Orthodoxy (last Sunday) and the Restoration of the Holy Icons, we’re putting up all the icons we could find of this Holy Martyr. Holy Martyr and King Edward, pray to God for us! Here’s an article on him from Wikipedia: here is the service (Eastern Rite) to St. Edward:

Sitka Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos

Sitka Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos

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